Concussions: Personality Changes

If you have been involved in a  car accident, either as a passenger, driver, motorcycle rider, bicyclist, or pedestrian, you may have suffered a head injury. While a head injury does not always cause a concussion, a concussion is quite common after any sharp blow to the head. This may be a result of:

  • Being struck by a car as a pedestrian.
  • Falling after being struck by a car, and hitting your head on the ground.
  • Being thrown from a vehicle.
  • Collision with an object inside a car, like a window, windshield, or even an airbag.
  • Being hit by an object that was in the car, like a book, laptop, computer, or another person.
  • Whiplash.

The injury to a victim’s head is not what leads to a concussion. A concussion occurs when the brain is injured by colliding with the skull, so concussion symptoms may be present even when there is no outward sign of trauma. One example of this would be a whiplash injury, in which the head and neck are thrown forward and backward very forcefully. In addition to soft tissue or muscle damage, injury to the brain can occur with a whiplash.

It is not unusual for an accident victim to be confused and disoriented. He may show signs that mimic intoxication, like slurring of speech and coordination problems. These symptoms might be misinterpreted and may cast doubt on the victim’s version of the events leading up to the accident.

Even if you feel okay after an accident, therefore, you should seek medical attention, especially if you experienced any blow to the head or any whiplash-like injuries.

The next professional you should call is an Escondido accident attorney. Your attorney can collect the necessary evidence to prove who caused the accident, and can deal with the insurance companies while you worry about following your doctor’s advice. Your attorney will advise you not to settle your case until you are released from your doctor’s care, and until you are sure you are no longer experiencing any symptoms.


Changes In Personality Or Mood

Some anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion are expected after any serious accident, but in some cases, personality and mood changes persist long after the original injury. A concussion victim may find that he has no memory of the accident. Some concussion sufferers report that their ability to learn and remember new information is impaired after a concussion, even though memories made before the accident are intact. Memory impairments, of course,  can significantly affect one’s performance in school or at work.

Other personality changes are often seen in concussion victims. These include:

  • Mood swings, overreacting to everyday situations, or inappropriate emotional responses.
  • Lack of emotion.
  • Aggression.
  • Changes in sexual behavior, or inappropriate sexual behavior.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Depression.

Some changes in personality are attributed to the injury itself, and others can be attributed to the victim’s emotional response to the injury and its effect on his life. Personality changes are not always accompanied by physical or neurological signs, so evidence from a mental health professional is often needed to confirm their cause.


Compensation For Your Injuries

If you experience lingering behavior or personality changes after a head injury, you may find insurance companies reluctant to fully compensate you. You need a personal injury lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf, and who can take your case to court if necessary. The accident experts at The Sargent Law Firm are available for a free consultation.

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