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If your employer has failed to pay you the wages you are properly owed, contact an Oceanside labor and employment attorney today. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees employees fair wages for their work.

The FLSA dictates the federal minimum wage, overtime pay regulations, and other employer requirements. This law is designed to protect workers. When an employer violates the law, they can be held accountable.

If your employer has failed to pay you on time, the correct wage, or has retaliated against you for complaining about these violations, call an Oceanside FLSA lawyer. Your Oceanside accident lawyer can help you file a claim, seeking the back pay you deserve.

Federal and State Minimum Wage Laws

Generally, the FLSA requires that employers pay hourly workers at least $7.25 per hour for regular time (not overtime) work. California has increased this minimum wage.

Employers in Oceanside and throughout the state must pay an hourly wage of $10.00 if they have 25 employees or less, and $10.50 if they have 26 or more employees. In California, this minimum wage law also applies to most tipped workers, such as restaurant wait staff.

Over the next few years, the state’s minimum wage will continue to rise, ensuring that workers are paid a fair and living wage. State and federal laws are designed to protect workers.

When an employer violates the minimum wage law, they can be held accountable. In such cases, an employee may sue their employer for breaking the law. An experienced Oceanside FLSA attorney can help workers fight for the wages they are owed.

Who Is Entitled to Overtime in Oceanside

Under the FLSA, most hourly workers are entitled to overtime pay when they work longer than 40 hours per week. Nonexempt workers, as these employees are called under the FLSA, are legally entitled to this overtime pay.

California law not only requires that employees who work more than 40 hours receive overtime but some other workers as well. Under state law, employers must pay overtime wages to employees who work more than eight hours in one day. Employers must also pay overtime to those who work seven days in a row in a single workweek.

Unfortunately, too many employers break the law and refuse to pay workers the wages they are owed. When that happens, employees have the right to seek legal counsel from a respected Oceanside FLSA lawyer.

Retaliation Claims

Employers who violate the law should be held accountable. When workers try to hold employers accountable, the law protects them from retaliation. However, some employers do retaliate against workers who protest wage theft.

Employers may try harassing a worker, limiting their hours, or firing them all together just for holding them accountable.

If that happens, an employee can sue their employer in court for retaliation. Because businesses have the benefit of a legal team to protect them, Oceanside workers should also have FLSA lawyers ready to defend their rights.

Experienced Oceanside FLSA Lawyers Can Help

If your employer refuses to pay you what they owe, contact an Oceanside FLSA lawyer.

If you have already filed an internal complaint against your employer, or one with the state, and they retaliate against you, your FLSA attorney can also help. To discuss your claim in more detail, call an Oceanside FLSA lawyer now.

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