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Sexual abuse can have a long-lasting impact on a survivor’s physical and mental health. Those abused should not have to suffer financially as well. State law allows sexual abuse survivors to sue their abusers in civil court for compensation related to their physical and emotional injuries.

In some cases, parents can file a lawsuit on behalf of their child, if their child was under the age of 18 when the abuse occurred. In other cases, adult survivors can sue the perpetrator. Often, survivors sue not only the person who committed the abuse, but an institution, such as a school, that allowed the abuse to occur.

If you or a loved one is a sexual abuse survivor, you can work to hold the perpetrator accountable in court with the help of an experienced injury attorney. To learn more, contact a San Diego sexual abuse lawyer today.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse in San Diego

No amount of money can replace what was stolen from a sexual abuse survivor. Perpetrators of sexual crimes cause devastating damage that can permanently impact abuse survivors’ wellbeing. Such abuse can have an equally damaging effect on a survivor’s financial situation. Often, survivors of sexual abuse need immediate and long-term care to cope.

In many cases, survivors need medical treatment for physical injuries, as well as therapy for emotional injuries. The cost of physical and mental health care can be surprisingly high. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often dispute a survivor’s benefits claim for necessary care. In such cases, the survivor is left trying to figure out how to pay for the treatment they need.

Since sexual abuse can have long-term impacts on a survivor’s life, it can be difficult for a survivor to immediately return to work after the abuse or assault occurred. Lost wages compound the financial stress of medical bills. In San Diego, sexual abuse survivors can sue their abuser in court for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. To do so, a survivor should contact a San Diego sexual abuse attorney to discuss their case.

What If the Abuser Was Not Convicted?

A common misconception is that the only way to hold a sexual abuser accountable is in criminal court. Tragically, many abusers never face justice in a criminal court. Even if an abuser was not convicted or charged with a crime, a survivor can still sue for compensation. Survivors often sue for damages related to their physical and emotional injuries. In many cases, survivors sue both the abuser and a related institution.

For example, when sexual abuse takes place at a school or university, and the administration knew (or should have known about it) but failed to protect its students, a survivor could sue the school for its negligence. While civil lawsuits are different from criminal lawsuits, those who file civil lawsuits must still present evidence.

A San Diego sexual abuse lawyer can help survivors gather evidence with the help of medical, psychological, and other experts. Personal injury cases for sexual abuse are complicated, so it is important for survivors to contact an experienced sexual abuse attorney as soon as possible.

Call a San Diego Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

If you, your child, or an elderly relative in a nursing home facility has suffered sexual abuse, contact an attorney today. A San Diego sexual abuse lawyer will fight for the compensation you are owed. Do not hesitate; contact a lawyer today.

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