Concussions: Balance and Coordination Issues

One of the most common types of injury following an automobile accident is head trauma. Drivers and passengers, even while wearing seatbelts, can be thrown against the sides of a vehicle. Even an airbag can occasionally deploy in such a way as to give a passenger a sharp blow to the head. Head injuries are very common in accidents between bicycles and cars, and between cars and pedestrians. While helmets for motorcycle riders and bicyclists can greatly reduce the chances of serious head injuries, a concussion is still a risk.

Loss of consciousness after a head injury is a common sign of concussion and a cause for immediate concern. Loss of consciousness can also indicate a more severe head injury like hematomas and skull fractures. Anyone who has lost consciousness after an accident should be seen by a doctor right away.

Concussion sufferers also frequently experience coordination issues. After a concussion, your speech may be slurred or slow, and you may not be able to walk a straight line. These symptoms are easily confused with intoxication, another reason why seeing a doctor right away is so important. A notation on a police report that you appeared intoxicated at the scene of the accident will be disastrous to your chances to recover a fair settlement for your injuries unless you have medical evidence to show that you suffered a head injury.

If you experience a loss of consciousness after an accident, you may also experience some residual cognitive problems immediately afterward, and perhaps even hours or days later. Do not make any official statements after any head injury. Any statements you make might be interpreted as an admission of fault, even if you were not thinking clearly at the time. Again, having medical evidence confirming a concussion will be important if you made any incriminating statements.

Having an advocate on your side can make the difference when talking to insurance adjustors, especially if you have suffered a head injury. At The Sargent Law Firm in Escondido, our accident experts are familiar with the local police, insurance companies, and courts. With our team on your side, you can concentrate on getting better while we concentrate on getting you the compensation you need.


Lasting Symptoms After a Concussion

Many people who have suffered a concussion continue to experience symptoms afterward. Most clear up within a few days, but sometimes symptoms can linger for months or even years. Many concussion victims will also experience a decrease in balance and coordination long after the original injury. These issues can interfere with your ability to drive a car and may affect your ability to work. Anyone working with any heavy equipment, hazardous materials, heights, or any dangerous conditions will be unable to work while suffering from coordination and balance problems. Even sitting at a computer may be difficult if you are experiencing vertigo.

If your lingering balance and coordination problems are caused by an accident or injury at work, your worker’s compensation benefits can cover vocational training if you are unable to return to your previous job, or permanent disability benefits if your symptoms render you unable to work at all. An experienced Escondido worker’s compensation attorney will be able to help you collect the worker’s compensation benefits you need while you recover. The worker’s compensation experts at The Sargent law Firm in Escondido are here to help.


How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Accident cases involving head injuries with lasting symptoms can be complex. Insurance companies may be quick to offer a settlement before the full extent of your injuries are known. Choose an Escondido accident attorney whose reputation for tough negotiating is known to local insurance adjustors, and whose willingness and ability to take a case to court is also well known.

The Sargent Law Firm has built a reputation for being impassioned advocates on behalf of their injured clients. We do not charge you a fee unless we win a settlement or verdict for you. We offer free, confidential consultations. Call us at (760) 392-7644.

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