Over the years, we have witnessed just how difficult the insurance companies make it for honest people to recover compensation for their injuries after an accident. Injured people too often accept low settlements or give up on pursuing compensation because insurance companies deny their claim or make it difficult to recover damages.

We started the Sargent Law Firm to provide legal guidance and personal care to people struggling with the sudden and unwelcomed disruption that a serious accident brings to their life. We make it our purpose to ensure that anyone who suffers substantial damages in an accident in Temecula has the resources they need to fight for fair compensation.

Attorney Ryan Sargent

Owner and Founder

Ryan Sargent is the owner and founder of the Sargent Law Firm.  He exclusively practices plaintiff’s personal injury law throughout the State of California...


Attorney Chelsey Guay


Chelsey Guay is a native of New England, but now calls San Diego home. After earning her bachelor’s degree in business management from Suffolk University ...


Attorney Jared Pursley


Mr. Pursley grew up just outside of Lansing, Michigan.  He attended the prestigious  Michigan State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He went ...


Our Legal Services

If you or a loved one suffered serious injury in a traffic accident, dog attack, case of nursing home abuse, or other personal injury accident, turn to us. During your free consultation, we explain your options and help you understand your rights. Even if you have already filed your injury claim, we can review a settlement offer and help you decide if negotiations are necessary to obtain a fair settlement.

Once we review your case, our attorneys and staff work with you to develop a case strategy that helps you get the compensation you deserve. We help you during settlement negotiations all the way through the court hearing, if that becomes necessary.

Our Personal Services

Compassion is key as a personal injury attorney. We work with clients and families recovering from the shock of a serious accident – and trying to deal with the financial burden that it brings. We listen to your needs, address your concerns, and help you make sure that you recover compensation that fully covers your expenses and losses.

We know that all families have different priorities and needs, and we do everything we can to ensure your settlement meets those unique items.

Schedule a Consultation Today and Learn How We Are Different from Other Temecula Injury Law Firms

We have families, children, and friends of our own – we know how devastating it would be if we or any of our loved ones suffered a serious or fatal injury due to the negligence of another.

Just as no two accident claims are the same, no two injury law firms are the same. Before you hire an attorney, take advantage of a free consultation to get to know the team at the Sargent Law Firm.