Theories of Major Third Party Liabilities in Car Accident Cases

There’s an old belief in movies and TV that the responsibility of the crew’s acts is that of the ship’s …

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What Are California’s Headlight Laws?

Headlights are sometimes contributing factors in car accidents. When a driver fails to use headlights properly, it will cause them …

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California Truck Accidents Involving Brake Failure

Sargent Law Firm Injury Lawyers are experienced attorneys for truck accident victims in California that may be due to brake …

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Who Is At Fault for a T-Bone Car Accident in California?

A T-bone accident is among the most dangerous types of crashes. A T-bone crash (also known as a side-impact car …

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What Is a Loss of Consortium Claim in California?

When a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident, there are often a number of things that they …

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What to Do When Hurt by a Hit-and-Run Driver in Idaho

Drivers may not stop at the scene of an accident for many reasons. They can have an outstanding warrant for …

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Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable in Idaho?

Accident victims want to keep as much of their personal injury settlement for themselves as possible. A settlement check represents …

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Idaho Seatbelt Laws

Wearing a seatbelt is an important way to reduce your risk of serious injury in a car accident. Seat belt …

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How to Sue the Government in Idaho According to the Tort Claims Act

Sometimes, the party at fault for a tort is a government entity. How does legal liability work when that’s the …

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How Are Car Accident Settlements Calculated in California?

Car accident victims rightfully want to know how much they will receive in compensation. In addition, they want to know …

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