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Car accidents happen in many different situations and circumstances. Sometimes an accident can involve a single vehicle. When you are in a single-vehicle crash, you may suffer devastating injuries and significant damage to your personal vehicle.

Your Local Single-Vehicle Accident Lawyers

At Sargent Law Firm, we know how much a car accident can disrupt your life. When you have serious injuries, you need compassionate, assertive and experienced legal representation. Whether you were the driver, another person in the vehicle, or a pedestrian, we may be able to help you receive fair compensation for your losses.

Advocating for Single-Vehicle Accident Victims in Idaho

Sargent Law Firm is here to provide the highest levels of legal representation and financial compensation. We represent individuals in single-vehicle crashes. If you’re wondering what to do and what your rights are, we invite you to meet with us for a consultation about your case.

There’s no cost for a consultation, and we never collect a fee unless we secure compensation for you. You have a limited amount of time to get started, so contact us as soon as possible. Learn about what you may receive in compensation. As soon as you sign up with us, we’re able to begin working for compensation for you.

What Are Some Ways That Single-Vehicle Crashes Occur?

There are a lot of ways that single-vehicle crashes can occur. The circumstances are different for each person. Some of the ways that you may end up in a single-vehicle crash are:

  • Swerving to avoid someone else who is driving in a dangerous way
  • Hitting a pothole. It may cause damage to your vehicle and cause you to lose control
  • Running into an icy patch and sliding
  • Striking debris like a tree that is down in the roadway or a utility pole that has fallen
  • Colliding with an animal that has run into the road like a deer or livestock
  • Hydroplaning on wet roads and losing control
  • Having a medical episode or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Going off the road and hitting a median or guardrail
  • Colliding with a pedestrian or a bicyclist. There may be other people involved, but it is still a single-vehicle crash
  • Vehicle defects that cause the vehicle to malfunction, resulting in a crash

Some single-vehicle crashes are the fault of the driver, but there are many ways that they occur that are not the driver’s fault. It’s important not to make assumptions about the cause of the crash or how compensation may be determined. Our lawyers can learn about the situation and give you an honest evaluation of your rights and options.

Can You Get Compensation for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

There may be multiple ways to get compensation for a single-vehicle accident. The first is to look at your own insurance. Idaho has required minimum amounts of insurance that all drivers must have. That alone may not cover a single-vehicle accident, but you may have elected to have something called collision coverage.

Collision coverage may pay for damages for a single-vehicle crash. The purpose of collision insurance is to cover you in situations where the driver hits another vehicle or an object. In addition, there may be additional medical coverage available to you through your own insurance. The policy that you elected and what your losses are determine what’s covered. Our lawyers can help you evaluate the situation.

Is it possible for another party to be responsible for a single-vehicle accident?

Remember that even though the crash itself may only involve your vehicle, there may be ways that other parties are at fault. For example, if you swerved to miss someone that was driving dangerously, they may still be responsible for the crash even though you managed to avoid them. A problem with the vehicle itself may be the fault of the manufacturer. A government body may be liable if the roads were not properly designed or maintained.

As our lawyers investigate, we’re sure to look at all the causes of the accident. We consider all the ways that you may receive compensation including through your own insurance and third-parties. Then, we advocate on your behalf until you receive a fair result.

Getting Fair Compensation for a Single-Vehicle Crash

When an accident occurs, the victim needs to know how to protect their health and safety. Then, they need to know how to get fair compensation. The process can seem daunting. The insurance company may seem nice enough when you contact them, but remember, it is their goal to pay as little as possible.

As soon as you sign up with us, we take over speaking to the insurance company. Our lawyers carefully review the terms of your policy to ensure that your benefits are paid correctly. We make sure that you have the documentation to support your claim. You can always expect honest advice and the information that you need to make the right decisions throughout the case. If there is a third-party that is responsible, we take the right steps to hold them accountable and seek compensation.

What if I was not the driver?

Our lawyers represent people involved in single-vehicle crashes. We represent both drivers and other victims. It may be possible for you to receive financial compensation. Let us help you explore all the options and insurance policies. It is our goal to make the legal process manageable while you recover from the accident.

Choose Sargent Law Firm As Your Single-Vehicle Car Accident Lawyers in Idaho

We represent single-car accident victims in Idaho. Contact us today for your free consultation.

There’s never a cost to meet with us to learn more about your claim. We’re proud of our reputation for honesty and getting results for car accident victims. Communication is key to our success, and we personalize our representation based on your circumstances and what you hope to achieve from your case.

Come learn how we can develop a case plan for you. At Sargent Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping injured people recover. We want to help you seek justice and reach your goals for the future. Contact us today to learn more and begin.

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