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Motorcycle accidents can be frightening to everyone involved. The consequences of an accident can be far-reaching and widespread to everyone in your life. Fender benders can add stress to your family, bringing concern about your physical well-being. At the same time, you may be unable to provide for your family due to ongoing medical concerns. It may also be unclear how long it will take you to physically recover and if there will any type of permanent damage.

During an uncertain time, you can alleviate some of that stress by meeting with a Chula Vista motorcycle accident lawyer who can provide you with insight on the best way to proceed with your case. Contact a Chula Vista accident attorney for help pursuing necessary damages.

California Laws Governing Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most important laws regarding motorcycles is that all motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet. Furthermore, the helmet must be approved by the Department of Transportation.

Anyone under the age of 21 that wants to get a motorcycle license must take the Motorcyclist Training Course. While it is not mandatory for drivers over the age of 21, it is recommended.

The general rule is that motorcyclists are expected to conform to the same rules of the road as other drivers, including cars and truck drivers.

Statute of Limitations

Under California law, you have two years from the date of an accident to pursue a lawsuit. After the two-year period is up, you release the opportunity to receive compensation for your injuries, making it essential to speak to a Chula Vista motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can.

Negligence Laws in Chula Vista

When deciding if a driver is at fault, the court needs to determine if they were negligent. To prove negligence, an attorney must demonstrate that the other driver:

  • Owed a duty of care
  • Broke that duty of care
  • Caused the accident
  • You suffered damages because of the driver’s negligent act

The general duty of care is to act as a reasonable person under similar circumstances. This duty is broken when a person fails to act as such. For example, if a motorcyclist is weaving in and out of lanes, they are failing to act as another reasonable driver would in that situation.

Causation has two factors, actual cause and proximate cause. With actual cause, you must prove you would have never been in the accident if it were not for the other driver’s negligent act.

Proximate cause means that it was foreseeable that this conduct would create a risk for the person that was harmed. For example, a biker weaving in and out of lanes can foresee they may harm another driver or motorcyclist on the road. Proximate cause also means that there was no other unforeseeable incident that happened between the accident and the driver’s negligent conduct that removes their liability.

Lastly, damages can be measured in terms of physical injuries, emotional distress or property damage. In a motorcycle accident, it may be the injuries sustained, as well as any damage to your motorcycle.

How a Chula Vista Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

A Chula Vista motorcycle accident lawyer can help you by reviewing evidence and building a strong case. Whether you want to go to court or settle with the person or their insurance company, a capable and dedicated motorbike accident attorney can give you the best possible outcome.

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