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If you or your child were attacked by a dog in California, you may need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney. Dog owners have a duty to keep and care for their dogs in a manner that prevents the public from being injured or even killed by their dog.

If you or a loved one was hurt by a dog or other animal attack, an El Cajon dog bite lawyer can help you get compensation for any injuries and financial damages you may have suffered as a result.

Dog Bite and Liability

El Cajon follows the state of California’s strict statutes when it comes to dog bites and liability. The laws do not necessarily consider whether the dog owner acted negligently when determining liability. In most scenarios, a dog owner is automatically responsible for their dog’s actions.

In other words, dog owners can usually be found liable and held responsible for any damages stemming from a dog bite injury, even if their dog was not previously considered dangerous or vicious and the owner took precautions such as keeping their dog on a leash.

Exceptions to Dog Bite Liability Laws

There are two conditions to El Cajon’s dog bite statutes that must be met for strict liability to apply. First, the dog bite must have directly caused the injury for which the victim is seeking compensation. If this is not the case, the dog owner may not be held liable for their dog’s actions.

Second, a dog bite victim must have been legally allowed on the property where the dog bite occurred, whether it was public or private property. For instance, trespassers generally are not allowed to benefit from the strict liability dog bite statute, but mailmen and utility workers are. If the victim’s presence on the property was unpermitted or illegal, they may be unable to obtain compensation under strict liability. These individuals should work with El Cajon dog bite attorneys to learn more.

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Dog Owner Negligence

Under strict liability law in El Cajon, the dog owner may be held responsible for a bite even if they were not negligent. However, if a dog owner is not found liable under the California strict liability rules for dog bites, they may still be found to be negligent, and thus still responsible for personal injury damages.

For example, a dog owner could be found liable under the negligence law if the court establishes the dog owner acted negligently by keeping a dog known to be dangerous and not obeying leash requirements. Negligence laws may also apply when a dog causes an injury that is not a bite, such as by scratching a victim.

Criminal Dog Bite Laws

Under certain circumstances, a dog owner may also be subject to criminal penalties. A dog owner who keeps a dangerous or vicious dog that has previously bitten or killed another dog or person may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances of the incident.

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No matter the circumstances of the dog bite you suffered or its severity, a skilled El Cajon dog bite attorney could stand by your side throughout the process of fighting for fair compensation.

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