Dog Bites Involving Friends and Family in California

Dog bites happen all too often in California.  Many times, these attacks happen to those that are closest to us, our friends and families.  Our California dog attack injury lawyers understand how important it is to maintain relationships between our family and friends even if you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog of someone you know.  At The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers, we can help you and your family through this time and help you recover money for your dog bite attack without ruining the relationship between your family and friends.

Settlements for Dog Attacks with Family and Friends

Most people do not want to have to sue their friends or family to get a settlement for their dog bite attack.  We understand that and it is important to understand that we may be able to obtain a settlement from the dog owners homeowners insurance company without filing any lawsuits. We can help explain the process to you and the parties involved to ensure a reasonable settlement without affecting the relationships you have worked so hard to maintain.

Dog Attacks on Children

Unfortunately, most dog bite attack victims are children.  Our firm is experienced is representing children who have been victims of a dog attack throughout Southern California.  Many times, children suffer permanent scarring or disfigurement and suffer from lifelong emotional distress.  Part of our job as dog bite injury lawyers is to ensure injury victims, especially minors, obtain evaluations from plastic surgeons for scar revisions, psychological care, and ultimately obtaining a settlement from the insurance company for the dog owners.  We take pride in the work we have done for many injured children and would happy to discuss any potential dog attack cases with you or your family.

Contacting a Dog Attack Lawyer

We understand that when a severe dog attack happens and you are seeking information from a personal injury attorney you will have many questions.  We offer a free consultation where you can meet with an attorney in person or over the phone and go over your specific situation and get answers to those difficult questions. If you decide to hire our firm, we never charge anything until we recover money. Give us a call today or submit a free case evaluation online and someone from our office will get back to you promptly.

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