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Oceanside Bicycle Accidents

Cycling as a regular mode of transportation can be a healthy alternative to driving daily and since the weather in California makes cycling an option more than nine months of the year, it is a smart choice for many bicyclists. Often, however, drivers do not give enough space or notice that bicyclists that are sharing the road, which leads to thousands of accidents annually, hundreds of which are fatal.

Oceanside Bicycle Accidents

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    Oceanside Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    A significant portion of the bicyclists on public roads are in California. If you were injured in Oceanside because of a motorist’s negligence, contact a skilled Oceanside bicycle accident lawyer before communicating with an insurance company. An experienced Oceanside injury attorney can help advocate on your behalf and ensure you do not say anything that could end up hurting your claim.

    Steps to Take Following An Accident

    Contact the Police

    When a bicyclist has been involved in a vehicle accident, it is imperative that they contact the police, if someone else has not already done so. Once an officer arrives, a cyclist should ensure that they give the officer the most accurate account of the accident.

    Provide Information to The Officer

    At that point, the officer will collect information from all parties present and the police report will contain the version that was most logical, believable or was told by the party that the officer believed was more credible.

    Get Contact Information from Witnesses

    Following an accident, a cyclist should get contact information from any witnesses that were present, in addition to the parties that were involved in the accident. As soon as possible after the accident, a bicyclist should complete a written statement while the details of the incident are still clear.

    Take Pictures

    Additionally, a cyclist should photograph the bicycle, any injuries, and anything else that they had with them at the time of the accident. At the first opportunity, an injured cyclist should also contact a local bicycle accident attorney. Finally, if medical attention is needed, an injured bicyclist should immediately get treatment.


    Common Causes of Accidents

    Bicycles have small profiles, which requires motorists to be actively paying attention to the road while driving since cyclists may seemingly appear with little warning and all streets are not equipped with bike lanes.

    Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents include motorists driving while distracted because they are talking or texting on cellular telephones, checking on passengers in their vehicle, or focusing on their vehicle’s navigation system.

    Accidents involving vehicles and bicycles are also common when motorists do not see or yield to cyclists. Opening a car door in front of a cyclist and driving under the influence are other common causes of accidents involving cyclists and vehicles that an Oceanside bike accident lawyer may be able to assist with.

    Cyclists can suffer a plethora of injuries following a bicycle-vehicle crash, some of which may not be immediately apparent. In some cases, an accident could lead to a loss of conciseness, a concussion, or the more serious traumatic brain injury. Broken bones, sprains, and bruises are fairly common injuries in bicycle accidents.

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    Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney in Oceanside

    It is important for motorists to give bicyclists the same respect that one would afford other vehicles on the road because cyclists have the same right to use the roads, but not all drivers do so. When motorists drive without considering the safety of others, accidents can happen and when the other party is a cyclist, the injury may be fatal.

    If you or a loved one has been injured or had a fatal accident that was caused by a motorist in Oceanside, do not delay in contacting a bicycle accident lawyer to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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