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Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is a popular form of transportation because of the low carbon footprint and the health benefits associated with it. Carlsbad locals may elect to cycle to work and tourists find that it is an easy way to explore the area. It is typically a safe activity; however, cycling can easily take a dangerous or even fatal turn when a cyclist is involved in an accident with a motorized vehicle.

Bicycle Accidents

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    Carlsbad Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Tens of thousands of cyclists are injured annually, and proving fault can be tricky. Injured bicycle accident victims in Carlsbad, California should seek the guidance of experienced local bicycle accident attorneys. Carlsbad bicycle accident lawyers can help individuals prove the person responsible for the injuries is held responsible.


    Road Rules

    Bicycles must obey the same traffic laws that are applicable to motorized vehicles. Accordingly, regardless of the type of vehicle, individuals that use public highways are required to yield to pedestrians, obey stop signs, and comply with traffic lights. Bicycles are also required to have a headlight and reflectors on the back of the bicycle that are operational when it is dark.

    Cyclists are required to ride with the flow of traffic, unlike pedestrians using the same street, but in the same manner as other vehicles on the road. If a bike lane is present, the cyclist must ride in that lane; however, when a bicycle lane is not present, cyclists should remain in the right lane with slower traffic.

    Additionally, bicycles should be equipped with an operational brake system that will bring it to a stop within 25 feet and use arm signals before turning, just as drivers are required to use turn signals. Failing to comply with the road rules can impact a cyclist’s ability to recover in the event of an accident.

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    Following a Bicycle Accident

    Following a bicycle accident, an injured victim’s life can change dramatically. The cyclist’s bicycle and anything else that was on their person may be irreparably damaged. It is not uncommon for a cyclist to become afraid to ride on public roads again.

    Additionally, the injuries sustained during the accident may be substantial, which is commonly accompanied with exorbitant medical bills. If a person is involved in a bicycle accident because the driver of a vehicle was negligent, it is important for them to contact a skilled Carlsbad bicycle accident attorney immediately.

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    Filing a Claim

    There is a limited time frame during which a claim must be filed, if a claim is going to be filed. Experienced bicycle accident attorneys are aware of those deadlines and will ensure that the right to file a claim is preserved.

    Their priority in bicycle accident cases is to help injured victims get the damages that they are entitled to so that they can focus on recovery. That may require the attorney to review medical records, interview witnesses, comb through police reports, and negotiate with insurance companies.

    Insurance companies will often put up a lot of resistance to avoid compensating accident victims; however, persistent and diligent legal advocacy is effective in helping individuals get compensation necessary to assist in their recovery.

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    How a Carlsbad Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

    When negotiating with an insurance company does not yield results, litigating the case in court may be in the person’s best interest. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Carlsbad, preserve your best interests by contacting skilled Carlsbad bike attorneys that will fight for you.

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