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Car Accidents

There is a substantial number of Californians who have injured annually in vehicle accidents, and many of the injuries suffered are avoidable. Despite laws banning texting while driving or using a cellular telephone without a handset while driving, a significant number of accidents occur as a result of a driver’s distraction by mobile telephones.

Car Accidents

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    Carlsbad Car Accident Lawyer

    Distracted driving, in general, is a common cause of vehicle accidents throughout California. Regardless of whether the distraction is the result of passengers, frustration, or another reason, the end result is that the individual is driving less safely, which can significantly change the impact of a total stranger’s life.

    If you or a loved one has been the victim of a vehicle accident in Carlsbad, contact an experienced Carlsbad car accident lawyer to ensure that you receive the compensation necessary for your recovery. A qualified personal injury attorney can work towards a positive outcome for you.

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    Front-end accidents, or head-on collisions, occur when the front end of one vehicle impacts the front end of a second vehicle. Front-end accidents are most common on two-lane roads where there is little separation between lanes, making it easier to cross into the other lane.

    Often, the consequences of head-on collisions are devastating. The victim could be ejected from the vehicle, suffer catastrophic injuries, even death. Vehicle passengers in head-on collisions are often lucky to have survived the accident. If the victim is able to avoid facial injuries, they may still suffer from spinal cord disruption, internal bleeding, and brain injuries.

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    Rear-end car accidents are one of the most common accidents and are often the result of a driver misjudging their speed. Rear-end accidents are also common when a driver is distracted with their cellular telephones or other happenings in the vehicle. They often occur at intersections or on highways when there is a sudden change in speed.

    Victims of rear-end accidents often suffer neck and lower back injuries following the accident. While seat belts prevent a person from being thrown from the vehicle after the rear-end impact, the seat belt essentially secures the person to an area where the impact is absorbed. The pressure caused by the accident may result in strain on muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and may cause lumbar disc disruption. A Carlsbad car accident lawyer can reach out to a trusted expert witness that can testify to the extent of the injuries, and help establish the defendant’s liability.

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    Motorcycle Accidents

    Riding a motorcycle in a seaside town in southern California comes with beautiful views year-around and wonderful weather for the majority of the year. It is also an area where accidents can happen as tourists and locals alike may begin sightseeing while driving.

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    Pedestrian Accidents

    The average car weighs more than a ton, so in the event of a pedestrian-vehicle collision, there is a greater likelihood that the unprotected pedestrian will suffer a serious injury or death.

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    Truck Accidents

    The size and weight of commercial trucks are substantial, especially in comparison to passenger vehicles. While all motor vehicle accidents can be serious, truck accidents are more likely to have serious consequences for the victim, including medical complications that can last the remainder of the victim’s life, and even death.

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    Side-impact car accidents, or T-Bone accidents, often result in traumatic injuries because the party causing the injury rarely brakes prior to impact. Side-impact accidents are more common at intersections where there is a stoplight or a stop sign.

    The at-fault party is often guilty of ignoring or failing to recognize the stop indicators and proceed into the intersection and into the side of another person’s vehicle. It is common for victims of side-impact accidents to suffer major bone injuries, such as fractured ribs, neck injuries, and serious head trauma. It is not uncommon for t-bone accident victims to be seriously injured by the vehicle’s airbags or to be trapped in the vehicle because the door sealed on impact.

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    Hiring a Carlsbad car accident attorney to handle your case can be a smart decision. Though it may seem easy, car accident claims can be tough, and even if it is obvious that the other driver is at fault, your Carlsbad car accident lawyer will still need to prove that the other driver engaged in the negligent behavior.

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    Since the injuries that stem from vehicle accidents can be extremely serious, a victim’s approach to recovery needs to be as serious. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact an adept Carlsbad car accident lawyer, who can evaluate your case and attempt to provide you with a realistic approach to recovery.

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