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There is presently an epidemic amongst the nation’s senior population. In the country’s assisted living facilities and nursing homes, almost ten percent of seniors suffer some type of elder abuse every year (roughly 150,000 seniors). Sadly, many incidents of abuse go unreported. Individual’s senior loved ones are at serious risk of elder nursing home abuse every day.

Dignity and professional care are reasonable expectations for any resident within a nursing home. However, it is unfortunate that abuse does indeed take place within nursing homes.

When you suspect that a loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, it is prudent to engage an experienced Carlsbad nursing home abuse lawyer to fight for the rights of your loved one. A compassionate injury attorney can work hard to assist your family necessary damages.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

  • Physical abuse. Residents suffer physical abuse when the victim experiences harm due to physical force being applied to them, such as scratching, hitting, biting, shoving, or even inappropriate use of restraints. As compared with other types of nursing home abuse, physical abuse has the most obvious warning signs. This type of abuse can be a singular occurrence or it could be repetitive.
  • Emotional abuse. When caregivers inflict emotional abuse on a resident, it amounts to elder abuse. Emotional abuse is also referred to as psychological abuse. Emotional abuse may come in the form of humiliation, terrorizing, intimidation, ridicule, or even ignoring a resident. Other forms of emotional abuse are scapegoating, demeaning behavior, and blaming.
  • Sexual abuse. When non-consensual sexual contact is made, sexual elder abuse occurs. In cases of sexual abuse, it is possible that emotional and physical abuse also plays a part. Often when residents are sexually abused, manipulation tactics may include coercion, trickery, manipulation, or the resident may be forced into sexual acts.
  • Financial abuse. Theft of personal property and money are typical types of financial abuse. It is financial abuse when a caregiver employs tactics such as applying pressure or tricking a resident into disclosing confidential financial information such as credit card numbers, bank account information. Financial abuse can also occur when a resident is persuaded to sign a trust, will or deed.
  • Resident neglect, also referred to as nursing home negligence, occurs when an elder does not receive the emotional, physical, or medical attention they need. In some cases, neglect can escalate to emotional or physical abuse.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

When individuals feel that their loved one has been abused at a nursing home facility, one of their first steps will be to report the abuse to the proper state hotline. In addition, they should regularly ask their loved one how they feel and how well they believe they are being cared for. They should contacy experienced nursing home abuse lawyers in Carlsbad for help moving forward.

Contact a Carlsbad Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Our beloved elders deserve the utmost compassion and professional care. When nursing home abuse occurs to a loved one, nursing home abuse attorneys can help provide support and peace of mind during this very difficult time.

If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse, experienced Carlsbad nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to assist by navigating through the complex legal process to pursue your lawsuit. Call today.

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