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Oceanside Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are among the most painful and dangerous injuries known to man. They occur as a result of car wrecks, chemical spills, manufacturing errors and workplace accidents.

When such incidents happen because of the negligence of another person, the victim may be eligible to pursue a claim against them. Compensation may be available from the party at fault. This compensation can help cover the costs of medical bills, income losses and other expenses incurred because of the burn injury.

Carelessness has its consequences. If you or someone you love has a burn injury caused by the negligent actions of another, consider reaching out to an Oceanside burn injury lawyer for guidance. A confidential consultation with a skilled injury attorney can help clarify your rights and options for pursuing a claim.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are four main types of burns: thermal, light, chemical and radiation. Thermal burns are a result of steam, hot liquids, fire or other sources of extreme heat. These are the type most people think of first when they hear the term “burn.” Light burns come from being exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Anyone who has ever had a sunburn knows how painful light burns can be. Chemical burns are caused by acids, alkali or chemical explosions. Radiation burns occur when a person comes into contact with nuclear radiation. These are less common than the other three types of burns. All types of burns can vary in severity. First-degree burns are the lowest grade of burn. Only the top layer of skin is affected. Such burns result in minor inflammation and redness and can often be treated with aloe vera or ice. Second-degree burns are more serious. They go beyond the top layer of the skin and can take weeks of bandaging to heal properly.

The worst kind of burn is third-degree, in which damage extends through all layers of the skin. Third-degree burns go so deep they can even impact organs and bones. The wound is often charred black or white. Damage can last a lifetime: nerve damage, hypothermia, and even death are common results of third-degree burns.

Compensation for Burn Victims

Burns can be incredibly expensive to treat. Even first-degree burns can become infected and require medical attention. Third-degree burns can take years to recover from and frequently take a toll on the victim’s daily standard of living. The cost of treatment, repeat admission and rehabilitation adds up quickly.

An Oceanside burn injury lawyer can help burn injury victims get the compensation they deserve after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Not only can victims recoup costs of hospital bills and ongoing medical care, they can often recover lost wages and compensation for their pain and suffering.

If a person’s burn injuries prevent them from earning a living, they can even seek damages for their projected loss of earning potential.

How an Oceanside Burn Injury Attorney Can Help

If you were burned because of the reckless or negligent behavior of another person, an Oceanside burn injury lawyer can offer advice and advocacy. Compassionate, skilled attorneys work with individuals to ensure the maximum compensation possible.

Time is of the essence, though. In California, burn injury victims have only a brief window to pursue a claim. Call today for a confidential consultation.

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