Bikers’ Arms are Among Most Common Idaho Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries: After a motorcycle accident, it is very likely the biker’s arm will have been injured. This is due to the exposure that is inherent with riding a motorcycle. Typically, this injury happens when the motorcycle lands on the biker’s arm, or when the biker is thrown from the bike and the biker lands on his arm. Both cases results in damage to nerves or broken/fractured bones.

Almost every motorcycle accident can potentially hurt a biker

Because of the lack of protection bikers have, any blunt force sustained is generally absorbed by the biker’s body. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the crash, the injuries caused could be chronic in nature, such as complete body paralysis. In less sever situations, the injuries could be as mild as a fractured humerus bone.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Idaho
Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Idaho

Some examples of motorcycle accidents that have the potential of causing these injuries include (but are not limited to) speeding, driving during poor weather conditions, distracted driving, and driving while impaired. Again, depending on the individual circumstances of the situation, the severity of the injury may vary. However, generally speaking, the faster the bike is going, the more likely the injury will be more severe than it would be otherwise. Additionally, not all accidents are the result of the motorcyclist; in many, another driver is at fault or road conditions are not up to standard. In these scenarios, the victim of the accident can take legal action to receive financial compensation for their injuries.   

Not All Motorcycle Accident Injuries are Created Equal

In the most unfortunate and extreme cases (although they are far too common) motorcycle accidents result in paralysis, either partial or full. These kinds of accidents are relatively frequent occurrences in the state of Idaho.

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