Catastrophic Injuries that Cause Paralysis

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Paralysis: A personal injury that results in paralysis can be one of the most devastating incidents in an individual’s life. These injuries tend to be chronic and completely life altering. Oftentimes, these injuries are the result of car accidents and other personal injuries.

The Sargent Firm has years of experience dealing with severe personal injuries that result in devastating consequences. We take an individualized, empathetic approach that puts our clients’ needs and interests first.

The following two listed items are some of the most common catastrophic injuries that result in partial or complete paralysis:    

  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries
    • Traumatic brain injuries are absolutely devastating. They range in severity depending on the circumstances of the causing accident, but they often result in partial or full paralysis, along with other damage, such as changes in personality, difficulty talking, and amnesia. It is not uncommon for victims with traumatic brain injuries to need life-long care. These catastrophic injuries are truly devastating and affect more than just the individual with the injury; traumatic brain injuries affect all aspects of one’s life.
  1. Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Every year, there are thousands of lives that are changed due to a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is a vital part of the human body that consists of 26 vertebrae and cartilage. Depending on the severity of the injury, one could have partial or even complete paralysis. In extreme causes, spinal cord injuries result in breathing impairment and the inability to eat unassisted. Spinal cord injuries tend to be common in car accidents and slip and fall accidents.
Catastrophic Injury Causing Paralysis
Catastrophic Injury Causing Paralysis

Causes of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Car accidents are by far the most common cause of catastrophic personal injuries. Slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, and acts of violence are also common causes of catastrophic personal injuries. Some catastrophic personal injuries are caused by pure accident, but these are relatively rare.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a catastrophic personal injury accident that has resulted in spinal cord damage, a traumatic brain injury, or another serious condition, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer who specializes in catastrophic cases. The Sargent Law Firm has a team of specialists who know Idaho law like the backs of their hands; our team will walk you through the legal process with kindness and empathy. Our elite team will review your claim and the circumstances surrounding your case to make sure the negligent party is liable for your injuries.

Every year, there are too many catastrophic personal injury accidents that result in life changing injuries. If you are not at fault for your accident, you probably have a case and deserve compensation for your pain. With catastrophic personal injuries in Idaho, you can receive compensation for loss of income, loss of consortium, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more. Reach out to The Sargent Firm today for your complimentary initial case evaluation. Additionally, we work on a contingency basis; this means we won’t get paid unless you do. You have nothing to lose.  

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