Concussions: Sleep Disruption

A concussion is an impairment of brain function following a head injury. Also called Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), some causes of concussion are:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slips and falls
  • Diving into shallow water
  • Sports injuries
  • Assaults

Symptoms of a concussion may appear immediately after the injury, or may appear hours, and even days later. A concussion victim may lose consciousness briefly, but the loss of consciousness does not always accompany a concussion. Other symptoms to look for are nausea or vomiting, headaches, lack of coordination, dilation of the pupils, personality changes, and sleep disruption.

A recent study published in the journal, Neurology, by Dr. Lukas Imbach of the University Hospital Zurich, found that concussion victims experience disruptions in their sleep patterns that last for eighteen months or longer following an injury. Half of those who suffer a traumatic brain injury experience some sleep disruption, but the recent study tracks the number of time sufferers experienced those issues. Doctors found that concussion sufferers were sleeping an hour more on average than they had before their injury. Nevertheless, patients showed signs of daytime sleepiness at a much higher rate than that shown by the general population, an indication that they were not getting as much restful sleep as they had before their injuries. Often, patients were not even aware that their sleep patterns had been disrupted.

Sleep disturbances can lead to other issues, such as:

These symptoms may interfere with work or school activities and may affect a person’s ability to care for himself or his family.


Can I Receive Compensation For Sleep-related Conditions?

If the concussion was caused by a workplace injury, worker’s compensation will cover your medical expenses, including expenses for conditions that are secondary to the original injury. If sleep disruption after a concussion affects your ability to return to your previous job, job training may be provided. If the condition is serious enough to affect your ability to hold any job, an award for permanent disability may be possible. A person who experiences repeated concussion injuries may suffer severe and permanent neurological problems. Talk to an Escondido worker’s compensation attorney about your rights. At the Sargent law Firm, we are proud of our track record in helping Escondido workers receive the benefits they deserve after a workplace accident or injury.


Accident Lawyer In Escondido

If you suffered a concussion in an accident that was not your fault, compensation is also available for your immediate injuries, and for any lasting symptoms. Because sleep disturbances can last for many months after the original injury, do not be in a hurry to accept any settlement. Once you accept a settlement form an insurance company, you will not be eligible for any additional compensation, even if your symptoms get worse, In any case with long-term or permanent injuries, compensation for medical bills and other expenses may be available while your case is pending. Look for a local law firm with a reputation for zealous advocacy on behalf of their clients.

The attorneys at The Sargent Law Firm have successfully represented clients in the Escondido area in all types of accident cases, including those involving concussion injuries and PCS. We will evaluate your case and answer any questions you may have. You may set up a free consultation by calling us at (760) 392-7644.


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