If You Don’t Trust Your Car Crash Lawyer You Might Lose Money

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Auto accident attorneys have gotten a bad rap from popular culture, movies, television, and anecdotal stories about so-called ‘ambulance chasers’ who try to profit from the misfortune of others. If you hold any of these ideas about auto accident attorneys in California, then you may mistrust the profession and therefore mistrust those who are in the profession.

You would not be alone in your suspicions of lawyers and belief in the following common myths, but if you are unwilling to work with an attorney because of these mistaken beliefs, then you may end up leaving a substantial amount of money on the table – not money that you would unfairly receive with the guidance of an attorney, but money that you truly deserve for your injuries and losses.

We don’t want you to have to face the complicated process of seeking compensation for your auto accident injuries alone, and we don’t want you to be left with medical debt, lost wages, and mounting bills without relief because you made the mistake of not trusting an attorney to help you recover the compensation you deserve. For this reason, we’re going to try to clear up some of these misconceptions and myths about California auto accident lawyers so that you have the benefit of accurate information before you make your decision about whether or not you need legal representation.

Auto Accident Attorneys Are Not Trying to Take Advantage of Victims

A large portion of the population in California and throughout the US hold the mistaken belief that auto accident attorneys are motivated by the desire to cash in on the plight of victims. You may have heard the term, ‘ambulance chaser,’ referring to auto accident lawyers, and implying that these attorneys are just waiting for a disaster to jump up and chase the victims down in the hopes of profiting from their trauma. This unfortunate moniker and mental image is highly inaccurate.

In reality, auto accident attorneys are there to ensure that victims do not get taken advantage of, the exact opposite of this often perpetuated myth about their motives. Without an attorney, you will likely receive no more than 1/3 of what you are actually owed and what you need to pay your medical debt and other expenses. It is the auto insurance companies who are most likely to take advantage of an auto accident victim, when that person does not have the guidance and representation of an attorney.

You Cannot Count on the Insurance Companies to Fairly Compensate Your Damages

Another common misconception is that the auto insurance companies are going to provide fair compensation for your damages, so you don’t really need a lawyer. Again, the reality is that the auto insurance companies are the ones who are more likely to take advantage of an auto accident victim without an attorney. The goal of an auto insurance company is to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim and be done with it. The goal of an auto accident attorney is to ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation owed to you. Your attorney will benefit from helping you, but not by taking advantage of you. The insurance company will benefit from taking advantage of your lack of legal experience and understanding of the system.

Your Attorney Will Not Make You Rich With An Unreasonable Settlement or Frivolous Claim

It is also a widely held belief that auto accident attorneys work to make their clients rich by demanding unreasonably high sums in settlement negotiations or by pursuing frivolous lawsuits. The truth is that you are not likely to become rich through an auto accident claim settlement because the high value of such settlements if usually due to the high cost of medical treatment and lost wages. The settlement you receive may seem excessively high until you use it to pay off your medical debt and cover your lost wages. When you take these factors into account, your settlement might suddenly seem to be much less than it appeared at first glance. Auto accidents are not something that victims profit from. Rather, they ensure fair compensation for losses and damages.

You Will Benefit From the Advice and Guidance of an Auto Accident Attorney

If you have any doubts about whether or not you might benefit from the guidance and advice of a dedicated California auto accident attorney, do some research and seek out free consultations from attorneys in your area. Call The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers to schedule a free consultation and discuss the options and steps ahead of you after your auto accident injury. We’re here to help you get the compensation that you need and deserve when recovering from auto accident injuries.

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