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Every year in the United States, there are more than 32 thousand auto accidents in which someone dies from their injuries. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, roughly 3,000 fatal accidents occurred per year in California, alone. Statistics show that there are fatal auto accidents in California every single day. The evidence of the trauma and loss of such California auto accidents is seen by the attorneys at The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers all the time, and we know what to do to help you seek the compensation that you deserve for your losses, though we know that no amount of compensation will ever return your loved one to you or minimize the grief that you feel.

Yet, at this time, you may be interested to learn about the statistics of auto accident deaths in California because, as these statistics show, you are certainly not alone in your grief.

Areas of California that See the Most Fatal Auto Accidents

According to statistics shared in 2013, Los Angeles saw the majority of fatal auto accidents, with a total of 630 in that year, alone. Rural areas saw 54% of all fatal accidents in the US. In California, specifically, 61% of fatal auto accidents were in urban areas, and 39% occurred in more rural areas of the state.

When the Most Fatal Auto Accidents are Likely to Occur

The timing of fatal California auto accidents in 2013 showed that most of them occurred in the month of October, and the fewest reported fatal auto accidents occurred in January. The majority of fatal auto accidents are seen on the weekends, while Wednesdays saw the fewest. Studies have also shown that the hours between 12 noon and 12 midnight hold the greatest risk of deadly collisions, more specifically between the hours of 5 and 6pm. The fewest fatal accidents occur between 4 and 5 am.

This all makes sense when you think about the times of heaviest and lightest traffic and the likelihood of driver impairment or fatigue at different hours of the day and night, as well as different days in the week. For example, driving late at night may cause accidents involving driver fatigue, and the weekends see more intoxicated driving accidents. Meanwhile, between the hours of 4 and 5 in the morning, traffic is typically light, minimizing the likelihood of any accidents occurring in these hours.

The Number of Deaths In a Single Auto Accident

Typically, when an auto accident is fatal, there is only one death per accident. This is the same in California as throughout the United States. Specifically, the US saw 30,057 fatal auto accidents in 2013, with 32,719 deaths, which equates to 1.08 deaths per fatal accident. California, similarly accounted for 3,000 deaths in 2,772 fatal auto accidents, also equating to 1.08 deaths per fatal accident. This indicates that the majority of auto accidents that are fatal result in just one death, though there are a few cases where multiple deaths occur.

Most Common Causes of Fatal Auto Accidents in California

The most common causes of fatal auto accidents in California include driving at unsafe speeds (either over the speed limit or unsafe for the road/weather conditions), improper turning or merging lanes, failing to yield the right of way, disregarding traffic signals, and driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Seatbelt use also affects the number of fatalities that occur.

The Importance of Wearing Your Seatbelt

We must acknowledge that wearing a seatbelt is no guarantee that your life will be spared in a California auto accident. However, many lives are saved by those who remember to buckle up. According to the statistics of fatal auto accidents in California, 1/3 of all deaths were individuals who not wearing a seatbelt. Yet, this leaves 2/3 of victims of fatal auto accidents in the category of vehicle occupants who did wear their seatbelt.

Seeking Compensation for Wrongful Death After a Fatal California Auto Accident

Any auto accident can be traumatic and life altering, and none more so than those which result in fatalities. When you lose someone you love to a fatal auto accident, there is no cure for your grief, no way to replace or fully compensate your loss, and nothing that anyone can say to alleviate the pain that this has caused and the years of sadness that will follow.

The best that we can do for you is to be there in your time of need and help you to recover the maximum amount in compensation to cover medical expenses, funeral expenses, and compensate, to the best of our ability your pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Call The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers for a free consultation of your wrongful death auto accident claim in California. We have seen many cases of wrongful deaths in auto accidents, and we know how to be there for you with compassionate guidance through the legal process ahead of you. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get the most compensation possible for your loss.

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