How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer for Personal Injury Cases

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There is nothing that says that you must accept any settlement offer that the insurance company makes. You have a legal right to be fully compensated for your personal injury damages, and the insurance company cannot take that away from you. Every accident victim should fight for their rights when someone else is trying to pad their profits at your expense. 

Many people do not realize that they have the right to reject a low settlement offer. The process is a negotiation between two parties and not completely dictated by the insurance company. If they are not offering enough money, the accident victim can and should say no. 

Insurance companies are for profit businesses, and they have every incentive to minimize what they pay you to maximize their own profits.  In the end, if a settlement cannot be reached you can file a lawsuit in Court and let a jury of your peers decide what the value of your case is.

You Can Always Negotiate

If the offer is inadequate, your lawyer would respond with a counter offer that would tell the insurance company what you believe that you deserve, and it would fully explain your position. The insurance company may respond by upping its settlement offer. Negotiations can take several weeks. However, the insurance company wants to settle your claim. They just need to be pressured into paying you something closer to what you legally deserve. 

Experienced California Personal Injury Lawyers

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What is the role of the insurance company?

Insurance companies have been contracted by their insured to protect the Defendant within the limits of their insurance policy.  The insurance companies determine what they are willing to pay based on the documentation, legal arguments, and fact presented to them. They could pay the claim on behalf of the defendant, but if an agreement cannot be reached, a jury would have the final determination on what is owed by the defendant.

Why do insurance companies make low settlement offers?

They are businesses, and they have their own profit motives. There are also many people that accept low settlement offers without an attorney.  Even worse, there are inexperienced personal injury lawyers that will advise their clients to accept less than what they should.  Hiring a law firm who has your back is the easiest way to make sure you know what your case is worth and how to avoid a low settlement.

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