Mistakes that Can Harm Your Personal Injury Claim After an Auto Accident

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After being involved in an auto accident, it can be a confusing time. There is your insurance to deal with, the other driver’s insurance, and even injuries that you sustained during the accident. Rely on the experienced auto accident lawyers at The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers to competently handle your auto accident claim. With all the confusion after an accident, it can be hard to know what you should be doing. Here are some common mistakes after an auto accident.

Waiting to See a Doctor

If you are injured after an auto accident, make sure that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. This provides a record of your injuries that can be used in future case litigation. Even if you believe that you are not injured after a crash, it is in your best interest to still seek medical help, if only for a check-up. Injuries might not always be felt or apparent right after the crash. It will be difficult to prove the accident caused injuries, even if they manifest after the crash, without having been examined by a doctor immediately following the crash. Also, if your doctor gives instructions for treatment of an injury or condition, make sure to follow these instructions perfectly. Leave no doubt that your injuries are caused by the crash and you are following all steps that the doctor prescribes.

Admitting Fault

After an auto accident, you will likely be reporting your version of events to many different people. You will talk to the police, your insurance company, and might even post about it on social media. It is important that in no conversation you admit fault. Only after investigation can fault be determined. You don’t want a premature statement of fault to derail you case, especially if after investigation you are not responsible at all.

Not Hiring an Attorney Right Away 

Hiring an attorney immediately after an accident is to your benefit. Experienced attorneys will know what to do and start your case out on the right track. Your attorney will handle communication with other parties and insurance companies and take the stress off of you. You attorney will keep track of deadlines and let you know what steps you also need to take.

Failing to Preserve Evidence 

The first priority after being in an accident is accessing your own injuries and making sure that your medical needs are taken care of. After you have received the proper medical attention, be sure to record the evidence at the scene of the accident. A police report is an important piece of evidence in a personal injury case. Additionally, take pictures, lots of pictures. Photograph the damaged vehicles, the conditions, and anything else that documents the damages. Keep a record of your bills, doctors appointments, etc. that may be used to support your case.

If you have involved in an auto accident, you have options. Let the experienced auto accident attorneys at The Sargent Firm Injury Lawyers help you explore those options. Contact us to set up your free consultation and meet with the attorneys that will competently handle your case.

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