Neurological Issues After a Car Accident in Idaho

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Neurological Issues: Every year, there are, unfortunately, thousands of car accidents in the state of Idaho. Most of these accidents are not too major, thankfully. However, there is still a significant portion of these accidents that result in serious injuries and even death. One of the gravest concerns facing car accident victims is the issue of neurological issues.

Neurological issues are defined as any issue that impairs the brain, spine, or nerves that connect them. Because of the importance of all these components (the nervous system controls movement, speech, vision, breathing, and many other important bodily functions), any damage or injury to them can cause serious issues. Additionally, not all injuries are readily apparent after a car accident; this speaks to the necessity of always getting checked out by a medical professional following any serious accident. The body secretes adrenaline in high stress situations, so you may feel fine but, in fact, you may have a serious injury.

Neurological Issues After a Car Accident
Neurological Issues After a Car Accident

Some neurological issues that are common after car accidents that aren’t always visible are traumatic brain injuries and spinal fractures. There are some individuals who will refuse medical attention only to discover these injuries later on. This poses some serious legal issues; insurance companies can greatly reduce their payout to victims by asserting the neurological issue was developed later on, not because of the accident. By getting medical documentation of the full extent of your injuries, you are protected from this money-saving maneuver that insurance companies employ quite regularly. So, to sums things up, if you are in a car accident, get prompt and professional medical attention. It will help you medically and legally.

Depending on the severity of the accident, the potential neurological issues associated with a car accident vary. For example, a less severe (although still serious) condition is a concussion. This is a common occurrence that could happen when a car accident victim’s head hits the windshield of their vehicle. A far more severe injury would be a spinal cord injury, which could result in partial or complete paralysis. Regardless, any neurological injury is devastating and can have very long recovery times.

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