5 California Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Working as personal injury lawyers, we know how important it is for motorcyclists to be safe on the road.  Our office has many friends who have been involved in motorcycle accidents in Oceanside and Southern California.  For most riders, it is not a matter of if, but when they will be involved in an accident. In fact, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in a crash than those traveling in cars. With this in mind, there are tips a motorcyclist can follow in order to avoid getting into an accident. Following these tips can make the roads safer for not only motorcyclists but everyone on the road.

1. Know the Rules of the Road

The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident in Oceanside and San Diego is to know what you are doing.  It’s critical that a motorcyclist knows the traffic laws in the location in which he or she is riding. How to make left-hand turns, whether turning right during a red light is legal, and even whether a U-turn is legal can vary depending on where you are riding.  Additionally, it is important to have an understanding of where you are riding.  Be familiar with your surroundings and the traffic conditions.  For example, traffic on Highway 76 in Oceanside is a lot worse during rush hour or on the weekends and you should use more caution during these times.  Being street smart can be on of your biggest assets in avoiding an accident. If you plan to be riding out of your usual city or state, researching these laws ahead of time can spare disaster later. If you can talk to a local, ask them if there is anything unique about drivers in the area or any unusual driving laws that you should know about. Being aware of the rules can prevent an accident and might also just save you that unwanted ticket

2. Drive Defensively

The roads are only as safe as those around you. When it doubt, use defensive driving skills and err on the side of caution. Remember that other drivers may be careless, they may be distracted from their driving, or they might even have a medical issue on the road. Paying close attention and giving yourself time to react can help prevent problems. Exercise patience and remember to keep your cool on the road. With speeding a major factor in many motorcycle accidents, take it slow, and leave time to react to what others are doing around you.

3. Be Visible

Because motorcycles are significantly smaller than the average passenger car, it’s very important that motorcyclists take steps to ensure that they are visible to other drivers on the road. A car accident attorney will often say their client “never saw the motorcycle until it was too late.” Avoid riding in another driver’s blind spot, and if you can, wear bright and reflective colors, or use reflective tape. Always use hand signals as appropriate so that other drivers know if you plan to make a turn. Make sure your lights are in working condition. As your Oceanside personal injury lawyer knows, it’s important to take reasonable steps to avoid problems on the road, and that means making yourself visible to other drivers.

4. Wear a Helmet

Any personal injury lawyer will tell you that failing to wear a motorcycle helmet does not anyone any good in the long run. We know that full face motorcycle helmets may not be the best fashion statement.  One thing we love about motorcyclists is that they make statements with the bikes the ride and the clothes they wear.  However, wearing a helmet that may look good and is safe can result in an unnecessary catastrophic injury or even death. In fact, helmets succeed in reducing motorcycle accident fatalities by 37 percent. That is, for every 100 motorcycling deaths, 37 may have lived if they had been wearing a helmet. Keep your motorcycle accident lawyer happy, and ultimately yourself & your family by wearing a helmet at all times.

5. Don’t Drink and Drive

This is an obvious way to avoid a motorcycle accident, however, it still happens on a daily basis in San Diego County. Drunk driving is a needless way to crash your motorcycle. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol impairs judgment making and reaction times, and greatly increases your chances of winding up in a crash. Driving drunk not only endangers you but endangers those around you. If you, unfortunately, end up in a crash, contact an Oceanside motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer in Oceanside, California. It is important to react appropriately when you are in an accident, and your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you handle the situation the correct way.  Knowing what to say, and what not to say, and what evidence to gather on the scene and in the days following the accident is vital in proving your case to the insurance company or jury down the road. It is critical that you contact and retain a motorcycle accident lawyer or car accident attorney as soon as possible after you are in an accident. He or she is a trained professional that can safeguard your interests.

Our Oceanside personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation for all motorcycle accident victims.  During your consultation, you will be able to ask all your questions and obtain all the information to determine if hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is the right decision for you.  We are a local law firm and take pride in representing the people in the community where we work, live, and raise our families.  We never charge a dime unless or until we recover money for our clients.

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