Do You Have a Motorbike Emergency Kit? Here’s Why You Should

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Whether you ride on the weekends, commute to work or complete cross-country road trips on a motorcycle, the thrill, and sense of freedom are what keeps us out on the roads. But as we all know, riding comes with its own set of hazards. There are over 4,000 motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. every year. In California, with warm weather and good riding conditions year-round, motorcycle fatalities account for 15 percent of all fatal traffic crashes, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. However, there are steps to increase your safety and prepare for an emergency or injury during an accident. Being equipped with a motorcycle emergency kit is crucial if you get lost, break down, or get in an accident.

Always Bring Water For Yourself and Your Passenger

Water is crucial for warm-weather riding to stave off dehydration. In the event of an emergency, water can be a useful tool to keep you mentally alert or calm an injured person down. Never leave on a trip without a water bottle or hydration pack.

Tool Kit and Tire Repair Tools

If you ride long enough, having the proper tools to fix basic break down issues and flat tires will eventually prove invaluable. Simply fixing a fuse might save you an expensive tow or an all-day headache. If you do not have mechanical experience, consider taking a course to learn the essentials.

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit is a crucial part of your emergency kit. You can purchase a pre-made kit or make your own. However, make sure it includes plenty of gauzes, medical tape, antiseptic, alcohol swabs, and a pair of medical scissors. If you ride out on country roads or places where other traffic and emergency vehicles pass through infrequently, an emergency kit could prove vital. The last part of your first aid kit should be an easy to use first aid manual.

Cell Phone and Cell Phone Charger or Extra Battery

When all else fails, you will be glad you have a cell phone to call for help. If you have an emergency situation, get in a wreck, or your motorcycle breaks down, a cell phone can make a big difference. If you are on a multi-day trip or completing a long ride, make sure to pack a charger and an extra battery just to be safe. A solar-powered charger will not require an outlet and can be a good idea if you frequently do long trips.

Ride With a Helmet and Proper Gear

In California, you must ride with a helmet. However, the more coverage your helmet provides, the more protection you will have in the event of a crash. Being equipped with riding boots or at least closed-toe shoes will help your feet from damage. And, of course, full leathers and a padded riding jacket will dramatically reduce the amount of road rash in a high-speed crash.

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