What Compensation Do I Get after a Car Accident in Idaho?

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Car accidents and other injury claims are some of the most common legal claims in the United States. However, clients and accident victims in general often do not know what they can receive compensation for. The following article lists things plaintiffs can get compensation for, along with an explanation. Nonetheless, it is important to realize that every accident is different; consult with one of our experienced car accident lawyers about the specifics of your case.

Accident in Idaho
Accident in Idaho

Lost Income and Loss of Earning Potential

You can receive compensation for any lost income. That is income that you did not get because you had to be out of work. Additionally, you can receive compensation for loss of benefits, such as pension and health insurance.

If you are unable to work the same (or equivalent) job due to the accident, you can receive compensation that makes up (at least) the difference. Any disability that you acquire due to the accident will also warrant compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Pain is a physical sensation that you feel. It is defined as, “a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body.” Suffering, on the other hand, is more like a mood; it is more psychological than physical. However, both pain and suffering are very real consequences of car accidents, and it can be taken into account in your lawsuit. One of our experienced car accident attorneys will analyze your claim to make sure you are getting everything that you ought to.

Under current Idaho state laws, pain and suffering includes the following:

  1. Physical and mental pain
  2. Difficulty or cessation of ability to perform normal activities
  3. Physical disfigurement due to the injuries sustained because of the accident
  4. Exacerbation to any preexisting condition that was obtained prior to the car accident

The Sargent Firm’s kind, empathetic lawyers will take the time to explain all aspects of your case to you, so you will know exactly what constitutes your lawsuit. You’ve already suffered enough; we will make your lawsuit as painless as possible.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the severity of your car accident, you may need intense specialized care. Even with a simple hospital visit, medical care in the United States can be quite expensive. And after a car accident, the medical bills can start to pile up, even if you have good automobile and health insurance.

If you have suffered a car accident, it is critical you seek compensation for current and future medical expenses. This is especially important for any car accident victim that has developed a chronic injury.

The car accident was not your fault. You should not be liable for your medical care that resulted from another’s negligence. If you aren’t sure whether or not your medical expenses can be covered under Idaho law, speak with one of our attorneys. Each attorney at The Sargent Firm will thoroughly analyze your case to determine everything that you can get financial compensation for.  

Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium may be one of the most unfamiliar types of potential compensation. Consortium refers to the pain and suffering experienced by the spouse of the accident victim.

Under existing Idaho state law, you could receive compensation for a loss of consortium. In other words, if your family’s status has been hurt (either tangibly or intangibly) you may receive compensation.

Proving a loss of consortium in a court of law is not an easy task. However, with an experienced lawyer familiar with the ins and outs of Idaho law, it is quite possible. A convincing testimony of a spouse could convince the court to add loss of consortium to your financial compensation package.

The Sargent Firm is Here to Help with your Car Accident in Idaho

Ryan Sargent and his team of professionals is ready and willing to go to work for you. Our Idaho law firm will review your file, collect evidence, handle insurance companies, and litigate on your behalf in a court of law. We will always strive to get you the most financial compensation allowed under current Idaho laws. We don’t cut corners and always look out for our clients’ best interests.

If you have been involved in a car accident in the state of Idaho, contact us today for your free consultation. You have nothing to lose because we don’t get paid until you do. Let us fight for you!  

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